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the young girls fall in love with the boys in the band * if you're

gonna play in texas, you  gotta have a fiddle in the band * you

can't  keep a good man down * if it ain't dixie, it won't  do *

leaving home was the hardest thing we ever faced * all i need

in the frigerator is a cold budweiser and a sweet tater * the best

things seldom come along twice * i believe there are angels

 among us * we work a 40 hour week for a living * it's time

for my vacation, time for me to have some fun * i may never

love him, but in my mind i always will * i'm moving as fast

as i can....keeping up * before the night is thru they'll play

my favorite song * worked hard all a "little" jingle

* i'm in a hurry and don't know why *

* my home's in alabama *