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This is a transcript of the Alabama Chat on AOL on October 5, 1998....
Sorry, but a little bit of it is missing from the middle.

OnlineHost: OnlineHost: *** You are in "The Bowl". ***
OnlineHost: Join us at 9PM EDT for Alabama!
. OnlineHost: Your hosts for tonight's event are Bob XR
(AOLiveMC15) and SheilahMM (AOLiveMC3).
AOLiveMC15: Alabama, welcome to America Online!
AOLiveMC15: Y'all have a lot of your fans
AOLiveMC15: ready to ask all their questions
AOLiveMC15: Are you ready to let them bombard ya?
AlabmaLive: teddy says HELLO
AlabmaLive: The rest of the guys nod in accordance ...
AlabmaLive: Jeff: accordance means approvingly ...
AOLiveMC15: Here's your first question:
Question: How does it feel to have so many number one hits?
do you think it would
Question: go this far when you started out years ago?
AlabmaLive: Teddy: No way we could have dreamed
AlabmaLive: we would hold the record for #1 singles!
AlabmaLive: Teddy: ...or even have a record deal, or a record ...
AlabmaLive: Mark: I can only count to 4, I'm a drummer (ha, ha)
Question: RaOwFan: Randy.....will the scene from the "How Do You Fall In Love"
Question: video, of you in the rain, be made into an 8x10
photo for the fans?
AlabmaLive: Randy: yes
Question: Congratulations on going Platinum!!!! and for getting your Star! How do
Question: Y'all feel about the star?
AlabmaLive: Randy: For my kids all the things that Alabama has accomplished
AlabmaLive: the star seems to be the most exciting for them. Dying because they
AlabmaLive: can't be here.
AlabmaLive: Jeff: We'll be in some great company on the Walk.
Question: Do you plan to tour next year? Any new videos
to be released or tv
Question: specials?
AlabmaLive: Jeff: Yes, we'll tour next year. Yes, they'll be more videos.
AlabmaLive: Randy: Yes. We'll be on the CMA 40th Anniversary show this Novemeber
Question: Whoe has the best sense of humor, or the worst.
AlabmaLive: Teddy: depends on what day it is
AlabmaLive: Teddy: Jeff knows more jokes though ...
AlabmaLive: Teddy: Mark pulls the most practical jokes.
Question: How long did you guys play at the Bowery in Myrtle Beach?
Did you Question: play under the name "Alabama" then?
AlabmaLive: Jeff: Seven summers ... sixth months at a time & we skipped '76
AlabmaLive: Teddy: We were called WildCountry until 1977.
Question: how long did you tour before your first no.1 hit?
AlabmaLive: Teddy: we had our first #1 hit before we started touring ... that was Tennessee River.
AlabmaLive: Jeff: We left the Bowery July 12, 1980 to start touring.
Question: You guys are looking better everytime I see you! Of course, I'm biased!
Question: But how do you feel performing? is it still fun?
AlabmaLive: Mark: Absolutely!
AlabmaLive: Randy: That's what we live for!
Question: What do you do in the hours before a concert?
AlabmaLive: Randy: get nervous
AlabmaLive: Jeff: sleep, watch tv, forget about it
AlabmaLive: Mark: I beat myself into submission...I practice
AlabmaLive: until I get good and sweaty.
Question: What is the strangest or funniest thing that happend to each of you on
Question: the road?
AlabmaLive: All: many moans
AlabmaLive: Jeff: We could tell you but we'd have to kill you ...
Question: What is the name of the CD you released last year before the holidays.
Question: No one seems to know the name of it or where we can get it.
AlabmaLive: Jeff: The last Christmas album was
AlabmaLive: Alabama Christmas Volume 2. The studio album was Dancin' On The
AlabmaLive: Boulevard.
Question: Hello, love your music! My question is how did you guys all get together
Question: in the first place and how long has it been?
AlabmaLive: Mark was born on the bus on April Fool's day,
AlabmaLive: Teddy: Seriously, Randy, Jeff and myself have been together since
AlabmaLive: 1969. Mark joined the band in 79.
AlabmaLive: Teddy & Randy were siamese twins. For the "Real Story"
AlabmaLive: visit our website
Question: You all have such diverse personalities. How do you explaine the fact
Question: that when your on stage these different personalities combine to make such
Question: great music?
AlabmaLive: Randy: On the video, for instance on How Do You Fall
AlabmaLive: In Love, we wanted the video
AlabmaLive: to say more than just love
AlabmaLive: Heather Whitestone, former Miss American
AlabmaLive: from Alabama graciously agreed
AlabmaLive: to participate. So the video
AlabmaLive: took on a much broader meaning
AlabmaLive: about How Do You Fall In Love
AlabmaLive: from a special persons view. That
AlabmaLive: meant a lot to us.
AlabmaLive: Mark: The biggest change in country music
AlabmaLive: is live production.
AlabmaLive: Jeff: the executives...
AlabmaLive: Mark: the staging and the lighting ... the looks
AlabmaLive: of the big acts is so much different. It
AlabmaLive: used to be a flatbed truck and a light bulb.
AlabmaLive: Now its more ... moving stages, million lights.
Question: How hard is it to constantly come up with new material?
AlabmaLive: Jeff: very ...
AlabmaLive: Teddy: it just takes going to work everyday
AlabmaLive: continuing to write and look for songs.
Question: Hi there!!! This is Nikki from Louisville. I love your music. I
Question: wanted to know how do you decide what songs to sing in your concerts?
AlabmaLive: We base it on what is currently on the radio
AlabmaLive: that we want people to know about and crowd reaction.
AlabmaLive: Teddy: The next concert is easy to determine,
AlabmaLive: we're doing all 41 #1 Hits!
Question: How does it feel to be getting a star on the Hollywood walk of fame?
AlabmaLive: Teddy: a dream come true
AlabmaLive: to come from playing a bar in Myrtle Beach
AlabmaLive: to getting a Star in Hollywood. Its a lot
AlabmaLive: further than 2000 miles!
Question: will you do more truckin songs in the future??? i have to ask, im a
Question: trucker
AlabmaLive: Teddy: we love truckers, we listen to
AlabmaLive: you guys on the cb all the time and
AlabmaLive: if we find another great trucking song, yes.
AlabmaLive: Randy: I was talking to some truckers
AlabmaLive: yesterday on I40 west coming to Los Angeles,
Question: When touring on the bus, do you all fight over what shows to watch on tv?
AlabmaLive: All: no, we watch movies.
Question: Is it hard always being in the spot light? Do you fellows get any
Question: privacy?
AlabmaLive: No and yes
AlabmaLive: no, but we love the fans. We couldn't do it without them.
AlabmaLive: Yes, we get privacy at home. Most people respect that.
Question: Randy what made up your mind to get your hair cut short it looks really
Question: great.
AlabmaLive: Randy: It felt like my hair needed to be cut so it would be healthier
AlabmaLive: and it was summertime.
Question: how and who came up with the group name of Alabama?
AlabmaLive: Jeff: in 1977, we went through pages and
AlabmaLive: pages of names and couldn
AlabmaLive: 't decide on one, but at that time
AlabmaLive: people would see us on the street
AlabmaLive: and know where we were from and
AlabmaLive: say "Hey, Alabama". Hence, "the band
AlabmaLive: from Alabama. Later shortened to Alabama.
AlabmaLive: The full story is at
Question: do any of you ever surf the web? are you online?
AlabmaLive: All: we here now aren't we?
AlabmaLive: Jeff: yes
AlabmaLive: Mark: once in a while
Question: I was impressed w/ family atmosphere in Myrtle Beach theater. Do you
Question: plan to play there more often?
labmaLive: Teddy: we play there about the same # of times
AlabmaLive: each year (12-15).
Question: How do you guys stay centered and down to earth with all the mayhem of
Question: tardom around you?
AlabmaLive: Teddy: By continuing to live in Ft. Payne, AL and
AlabmaLive: trying not to get caught up in the "hype' of the business.
AOLiveMC15: Lot's of folks wanna know if/when the next tour will start?
AlabmaLive: We tour all year.
AlabmaLive: Mostly weekends though.
Question: Do you plan on writing a book. Randy - do you still keep your journal?
AlabmaLive: Randy: yes.
Question: Do you have plans to compile some of your newer videos for purchase?
AlabmaLive: We certainly hope so.
Question: Mark When your in the studio do you actually play or do the producers
Question: use drum tracks and if so how to you feel about drum machines?
AlabmaLive: Mark: Both. But we don't use drum machines.
AlabmaLive: We use some studio drummers as well as Mark
AlabmaLive: having played on some of our records
AOLiveMC15: We have time for 1 final question:
Question: After being together all of these years how do they keep up their
Question: friendship
AlabmaLive: Randy: We spend a lot of time
AlabmaLive: just talking about funny things
AlabmaLive: that happened years ago, or even yesterday,
AlabmaLive: talking about old friends, writing songs, planning
AlabmaLive: the next year together and talking about baseball games.
AlabmaLive: Teddy: Its kinda like a marriage.
AlabmaLive: Mark: We had a good time playing softball the other night.
AlabmaLive: The softball was for John Croyle's Big Oak Ranch for Boys and Girls.
AlabmaLive: Just a reminder, this weekend
AlabmaLive: we're performing all 41 #1 hits.
AlabmaLive: This will be live from Las Vegas Hilton.
AlabmaLive: It will air on Pay Per View television.
AlabmaLive: We're also working on our 42nd #1 hit "How Do You
AlabmaLive: Fall In Love" that is top ten this week. Thanks for your support
AlabmaLive: in calling your local radio station.
AlabmaLive: Teddy: Thanks for your time; its been fun. See
AlabmaLive: ya live from Las Vegas.
AlabmaLive: Jeff: Let's do this again sometime.
AlabmaLive: Mark: hi Karen, I miss you. Katie, finish your homework.
AlabmaLive: Randy: Thanks to all you fans
AlabmaLive: for all you've given us through
AlabmaLive: the years. I hope we make you proud.
AlabmaLive: And a very special thanks to
AlabmaLive: everyone for their contributions to
AlabmaLive: help the kids at St. Jude Children's Research
AlabmaLive: Hospital and another special thanks
AlabmaLive: to all the wonderful friends in country radio for the
AlabmaLive: millions of dollars you've helped raise to save the lives
AlabmaLive: of these precious children. I love you all dearly. God Bless.
AlabmaLive: Thanks
AOLiveMC15: Thanks for joining us here tonight guys......
AOLiveMC15: And thanks to you in the audience for all your great questions!
OnlineHost: Copyright 1998 America Online, Inc. All : Rights Reserved.

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